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Immersed in history and with a rich culture of food, festivals, movies and family businesses, Lincolnshire has surely made its mark on the UK map.

With its beautiful open spaces,  historic buildings and seaside resorts you won’t be surprised to find out that hundreds of movies have been filmed in our bustling towns and serene countryside. From The Da Vinci Code (2006) being filmed in Lincoln Cathedral to The Haunting (1999) filmed in Harlaxton Manor, Hog Roast Caistor even had the chance to provide a full roasted pig to the famous film set of Burghley House, where Pride and Prejudice (2005) was filmed!

If you can’t find your town on our list below, don’t fret! Here at Hog Roast Caistor we’ll try our best to provide our services to every corner of Lincolnshire, even if you’re on a movie set!